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Cranston Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service

Cranston Vending Machines Vending Service and Office Coffee ServiceYou’ve wound up right here for a reason. Your Cranston business is considering or has already decided that vending machines or coffee service would be a good idea. We completely agree! American Food & Vending has been working with great companies just like yours, whether large or small. We can get you the vending machines you desire, at no upfront cost to your business. Vending machines make good business sense, as your employees stay closer to their tasks, not leaving to go about Cranston to pick them up.

Our vending machines are modern, and will be maintained and kept full by us! You can have them stuffed with your favorite products such as Coca Cola or Pepsi. We also offer vending machines with generic selections, candy vending machines, snack vending machines, hot or cold food vending machines, coffee vending machines and candy vending machines. All the favorites you, your employees and customers love to eat or drink!

Another service we provide our Cranston customers with is coffee services. Improve the quality of your break room coffee and put an end to the whining about being out of this or that and having lousy selections. We will keep you stocked with coffee, teas, and all the other particulars like creamers and sweeteners, napkins, filters, cups, and stir sticks. Single cup machines or traditional coffee makers from Bunn or Newco are available.
Is your Cranston water not so great out of the tap? Big water bottles take up half your break room? American Food & Vending can take care of those problems by installing water filtration to your existing tap water. Filtered water is what most water bottles are filled with, so why not have an endless supply and save money in the long run?!

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