"We are always on the lookout to find tasty new healthy products."
Healthy Choices
Healthy Vending Machines Boston Massachusetts
Vending Machines Boston
If the people you share your working life with have been talking about "turning over a new leaf," exercising more and eating healthier, you've come to the right place.

At American Food & Vending, we offer an array of healthier food, beverage and snacking options that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and tickle your fancy. We have trail mixes, baked chips, pretzels, fruit, salads, fruit bars, granola bars, refreshing juices, and bottled water.

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Here's to Your Health Program

In fact, we have our own branded program "Here's to your health" with stickers on our machines to designate them as the "go-to" place for people who want healthier options.

So go ahead. Give us a call if you want alternative food products, beverages, chips, candy bars and cookies with reduced levels of fat, cholesterol and sodium. (You can even slowly phase them in and allow people time to adapt.)

Always happy to offer free, no obligation consultations. Call today us today at (800) 553.2222 or email us at info@americanfoodvending.com.

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