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1.	Vending Solutions Boston Massachusetts  At American Food & Vending, you have choices. Perhaps too many choices? If you're stymied by our selection, we'll be happy to have a well-versed representative speak with you—without cost or obligation— to walk you through the options that will work for your particular situation. It's all part of our commitment to exemplary customer service.

The representative can explain the ins and outs of our flexible vending program options, each carefully designed to meet your business needs. And you'll learn about the energy-efficiency of our state-of-the-art vending machines and how they ensure the delivery of safe, savory products every time.
Another feature at American Food & Vending is the variety of our vending options:

Traditional (or standard) Vending This is the method that's probably most familiar to you. With traditional vending, whoever selects the item pays for it on the spot. With our machines, if any a selected items hangs up and doesn't fall and break a beam in the tray below, the money paid in is automatically returned to its owner. Because of our state-of-the-art remote monitoring system, items will never run out, so the frustration of wanting something that has "sold out" should never happen.
Subsidized Vending With this method, a portion of the cost of each purchased item is paid by your company; your employees/students/coworkers/staff/guests pay a lesser amount. This method fosters a fonder relationship between the company and their constituents, resulting in a better sense of camaraderie.

Free Vending With this option, your company picks up the entire tab for purchases made via the vending machine. Your company gets an itemized invoice of the amount of product sold. We use Streamware™ technology to keep track of product purchases.
Naturally, free vending telegraphs the message that you appreciate your employees/students/coworkers/staff/guests to the moon and back and that this little "perk" is just one way of showing your regard for them. Imagine the oodles of good will free vending would have in today's economy—or any other. Free vending shows you care.
Always happy to offer free, no obligation consultations. Call today us today at (800) 553.2222 or email us at info@americanfoodvending.com.

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